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Almighty boss, she s much loved

Almighty boss, she s much loved

Almighty boss, she s much loved

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    Almighty boss, she s much loved
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    Eat awn
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2022-03-18 01:31:56
When Fan Ye was born, his mother died of massive bleeding. Not long after, his father also suffered bankruptcy when she was four years old, she was abandoned by the Vatican family in the countryside. Come back again, just because the man who married by his belly wants to withdraw... everyone says that Fan Ye is a hick in a remote area. He must cry and beg the Song family not to withdraw his marriage in order to fly to the branches and become a Phoenix... who knows, Fan Ye, who doesn't talk much, directly threw out the keepsake exchanged during his engagement that year what is even more unexpected is that the Song family, one of the four giants in Hongshi shopping mall, fell without any omen on that day... Hongshi blew up the pot. Fan ye not only conquered his mother and father, but also his friends, and even the Song family who withdrew their marriage did not escape everyone kept away from her. When waiting to see her joke, who knows she's making a stir in the entertainment industry acting, singing and musical instruments are nothing to talk about... some people say, don't believe that Brahma said no, otherwise you will doubt life until one day, the Vatican was stripped off one vest after another... everyone was stunned: you can't provoke the Almighty boss mistress Fan Ye: he can't do anything, but he is an all-round boss who can learn everything male chairman Cen: born with the aura of title, he is a mysterious trader known as the "king of killing" in shopping malls.

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