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Almighty boss, she is beautiful and has a wild way

Almighty boss, she is beautiful and has a wild way

Almighty boss, she is beautiful and has a wild way

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2556 ratings
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    Almighty boss, she is beautiful and has a wild way
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    Lin Xiaomo
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-08-11 14:48:24
Yan Chu, the best employee in the history of time and Space Administration, retired the director promised to give her a new pension identity: the daughter of the rich family, the beauty ceiling, eight million living powder, and the richest fiance Yan Chu expressed his satisfaction then she dressed up as the poor daughter of the rich family who was driven out, eight million live black powder on the Internet was on standby, sprayed every day even the so-called richest fiance has nothing to do with her for the time being everything is false, only the selfie ceiling is true Yan Chu: "??" he MUA is ridiculous the ideal leisurely old-age life was gone. Yan Chu turned his head and angrily embarked on the road of attacking black powder villains black fan: "the exact news is that Yan Chu has a gold Lord and his surname is Wang!" Yan Chu: show you a cool King online / smile JPG / black fan: "a vase, without any connotation!" before long, Yan Chu's extreme sports video became a god abroad the papers written casually have been included in the world's top academic journals won the first place in all kinds of cross-border competitions inadvertently, Xiao Lu shocked the big men in the circle accidentally turned the hacker circle upside down the people who asked her for help have circled around the world... seeing that all the powerful circles are competing for Yan Chu, when the entertainment circle has become the most unattractive to her, black fan: "... Yingying, you don't do your job, you don't shoot anymore!" Yan Chu: "busy teasing your husband, don't cue."

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